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4D Clear Screen Protecors for Android Phone Smudge Proof Tempered Glass IPHONE 6

Clear Coat Screen Protectors for Android Smartphones, 93% High Transparency
main parameter
  • compatible phone model:

    IPHONE 6
  • Min. Order:

    1 Pieces
  • Port:

  • Payment Term:

    T/T / PayPal
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  • reliability:

    1) 110° water drop contacting angle test

    2) 105° water drop contacting angle test after 3000 cycles rubbing test

    3) 300mm drop impact test with 32g steel ball

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Firstall technology is the glass screen protector manufacturer from China, experiencing in the design and manufacturing of all types of functional screen protectors including 3D curved, matte finished, privacy, blue light filter etc.


Clear production schedule & auto self lead time tracking system

The company made clear production schedule for each order after evaluating all the factors which should be taken into consideration. Besides that, for each order, once the product schedule is promised, the sale team takes the responsibility to update production status everyday, to let customer be aware of what has been going on to his order each day. This auto self tracking system helps customers maintain lead-time forecast more easily.


Glass Type: Clear Aluminosilicate Glass

Glass Thickness: 0.33mm

Glass Transparency: 92%

Tempering Process Period: 2 hours heating + 4 hours tempering

Oleophbobic Coating Oil: Daikin, Japan

AB Glue: Toyo, Japan



Testing Standard

Water Drop Contacting Angle Test


Rub Test

3000 cycles  (1000g, 1x1cm pressure square, 50mm rubbing distance, 60 cycles/min )

Drop Impact Test

32g steel ball, Falling height 300mm


Retail Package 1

1pc / box

Retail Package 2

2pcs/box OR 3pcs/box

Wholesale Package

10 pcs/Box

Kit Contains


Dust Absorber x1,

Microfiber Cloth x1,

Alcohol Pad x1

Commercial Terms



Lead Time

7-10 days depending on order quantity


By Air

Payment Term

T/T, L/C, Sinosure

Custom Screen Protector


Custom your own logo on the folding box/products/Label/Barcode


Manufacture screen protector for phone models appointed by customer

TPU Screen Protector, Fixed Structure

tpu screen protectors

glass screen protector android, Anti Fingerprint

glass protector for phone

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