Corporate Facts
Corporate Facts
    Industry: Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Mobile Phones & Tablets
    Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
    Founded: 2014
    Headquater: Shenzhen, China
    Employees: >210
    Annual Revenue: US$ 11.5 million
    Top 4 Market:
    America 35.5%
    South East Asia 28.2%
    Middle East 13.3%
    Europe 12.8%
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Since the establish of Firstall Technology Co.,Ltd, the company is aming to be the best screen protector manufacturers in China.Under years' fast growing up, Firstall has been well known in the market with its strong ablity of manufacturing featured tempered glass screen protectors for new and latest phone models and high market sense of capturing the trends.

(Firstall Started the supplying of IPhone X screen protector from July, 2017)

iphone x screen protector

The China tempered glass screen protector industry has been reshuffled for serveral times since its prospering in the year of 2014 , the year of our establishment. Firstall Technology is lucky to be among the survived screen protector factories. During the toughened marketing upgrading process , we were able to think clearly on where should we go and what should we do. Actually from the process of industry reshuffle, it's the fact that the market is demanding high quality and branded screen protectors and the end users are expecting more. Firstall Technology is also strving to make self-improvement to be more competitive.

(Military Grade High Strength Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Tempered for Twice)

Firstall Technology thanks to the hard work of our reliable vendors and the big supports from our customers. It would keep us pushing forward and be the top leading screen protector suppliers.

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