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IPhone 5.5in 6P/7 Plus/8P Compatible Clear Screen Protector 0.33mm 9H Tempered Glass

1) Clear screen protector for iphone 4.7", can be applied on IPhone 6/7/8 2) Clear Screen Protector for iphone 5.5", can be applied on IPhone 6p/6SP/7P/8P 3) Clear Screen protector for iphone 5.8, applied on iphone x only.
main parameter
  • compatible phone model:

    IPhone 6P/6SP/7P/8P
  • FOB Price:

  • Min. Order:

    100 Pieces
  • Port:

  • Payment Term:

    T/T PayPal
  • Standard Package:

    With Paper Package, Retail Package for free option
  • WhatsApp Firstall:

  • reliability:

    1)  0.33mm aluminasilicate glass

    2) 4 hours tempering time

    3) Quality oleophobic coating oil

    4) quality silicone gel

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  • detail specification
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Clear IPhone Screen Protector Specification 

Compatible Phone Model: for 5.5 inch, can be applied on IPhone 6P/6SP/7P/8P 

Glass Thickness: 0.33mm Alumina glass

Glass Clearance: 92% ~  94%

Raw Material: Alumina Silicate Glass + Oleophobic Coating Oil + Silicone Gel

Reliability: Drop Test, Water-drop Contacting Angle Test,  Rubbing Test

Characteristics: Shatter proof screen protector, anti-fingerprint screen protector, 9H tempered glass

Firstall Tech Advantage

Firstall is the professional dedicated tempered glass protector manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. With our own R&D team and manufacturing facility, we are capable to satisfy customers' demands from any technical sides.  Currently we are the OEM supplier of Techmatte and Talkie Tech.

IPhone Clear Bulk Stock, Shipped in 2 days 

The factory owns bulk stock for iphone clear screen protector which could be shipped in 2 days once order confirmed. Firstall Tech provide low MOQ and competitive price, to help the customer to expand its business.

Bulk Discount

Attractive discount is offered for bulk discount, also customized lable and package is supported.

Product Image

iphone tempered glass screen protectors

iphone 4.7 tempered glass

Screen Protector with Default Paper Package

iphone clear screen protector

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