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Anti-bacterial Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Full Screen Cover for iPhone 11 6.1 inch/XR

Anti-microbial screen protectors for iphone models are hot selling now.
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Alumino-silicate Based Glass 
(High Content aluminum Oxide and high flexibility)

Thickness: 0.33MM(Standard)

Transparency: ≧ 92 %

Initial WCA: ≧ 115° 

Oleophobic Oil: 
Premium Anti-Bacterial Oleophobic Oil(with EPA Report) Infusing the glass protector with ionic silver which is an antibacterial agent that requires no maintenance.

AB Glue:
120μm-250μm Optional Premium AB Glue, Buble Free | no white edge | strong adhensive to edge

Tempering Process : 
Double Strengthen and  8 Hours Tempered  Toughness improved 70-80%
  • Antimicrobial infused glass reduces 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria from the surface of device screens, and it also won’t wear down with use.

  • Extreme shatter protection four tmes stronger than traditional glass screen protectors.
  • Eyesafe technology filters harmful high-energy visible blue light from device screens.
  • ClearPrint technology’s oil-dispersing treatment breaks up oil from fingerprints, making them nearly invisible.
  • Ion exchange technology increases surface compression for increased strength and scratch-resistance.
  • Reinforced edges prevent chipping and offer a smooth feel when handling the device.

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