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1.Are you a tempered glass manufacturer or phone accessories trading company?

Firstall Technology is the manufacturing factory of tempered screen protector instead of a phone accessories trading company.

We have our own workshop with over 30 machines working all the day, daily output is 50k. Our products could be divided into 2 main types, screen savers for general models like iphone, Samsung or Huawei. Custom screen protector for fixed mobile model appointed by customers. Customization package including logo, label, barcode is supported.

(Firstall Technology manufacturing workshop, Left is CNC machines, Right is oleophobic coating oil painting machines)

2.     How Could I acquire free screen protector samples from Firstall Technology?

We are welcomed customers delivering sample request. Customer could approach Firstall Sales team via below ways for sample request.

1)     Email us at:

2)     Whatsapp us at: +8613631390925

3)     Wechat us at: +86-13631390925

4)     Skype:


Customer would achieve quick reply on sample request with 12 hrs.. It’s appreciated if customer could share detailed sample requirements like screen protector types, quantity, preferred raw material brand or vendors, package requirement etc. Express account is also required for shipping and customer collection.

In this way, we could ensure samples would be sent to customers within 48 hrs.

3.     What is your general lead time?

Firstall provide 3 general package for customer’s free option.

General lead time for bulk deal is 7-15 days depending on order quantity if universal package is accepted.

If customer has its own custom package design, first time order takes 15 -20 days including package confirmation while repeat order lead time is about 15 days.


For each order, Firstall Technology sales team would share production schedule in advance with customers before material purchasing. Once payment received, customers would be noticed the status of his product manufacturing status everyday updating by photos or videos which are taken by the sales representative.


4.     What is your payment term?

For order amount below 5,000 usd, since the lead time would be no more than 5 days in general, we advise 100% t/t.

For 20000 usd > order amount > 5,000 usd, 30% t/t for deposit, 70% t/t for balance before shipment

For order amount above 20,000usd, 30% t/t for deposit and 70% balance t/t or L/C at sight.

Customers are free for further discussion with Firstall Technology Management team if there is any advice about payment terms.

5.     How could I file my complaint to the management of Firstall Technology if my benefits are not well taken care of ?

1) Report to Miss Anna, the head of sales team. If there is any unrestored disagreement with the service team which is bothering you a lot, customers could complaint directly to Tian Zheng, who is the head of sales team. Miss Zheng would take the responsibility to support objective and fair feedback by figuring out the problems which troubles customers and fix it within no more than 24 hrs.

Email to Miss Anna:  or Call +8613631390925

2) Report to Alvan Yu, the CEO. If customers are not satisfied with the feedback from Miss Anna, they have the right to file the complaint to the CEO of Firstall Technology, Mr Alvan Yu, which is expect to receive a reply within 48 hrs.

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