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   No matter how many tempered glass manufacturer china you meet,you never know what is the bottom price for a solid tempered glass phone screen protector when comparing the quotation. Actually it is the truth that every vendor is manufacturing the same tempered glass screen protector with almost the same performance and quality. We could hardly claim that there is a new type of screen protector that only Firstall Technology could have the manufacturing ability. But from customer’s side, we believe they could see more things besides the products from various mobile screen protectors manufacturer in china. 

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   So what are the differences between the thousands of these manufacturers and factories? Principle might be one of them.


   It is attractive to manufacturers of tempered glass to get quick and large profit in short time even if it was sacrificed with their business reputation by some   However, Firstall Technology has established its own business principles to be a reliable tempered glass screen protector supplier aiming at building up long time stable corporation with customers. This decides we should make clear guarantee to our customers.


   Never Pursuing low price excessively for tempered phone proetctor raw material.

   The truth is that no matter how low the price is, the supplier tempered glass would never do anything which could not bring any benefits back. To keep its own profit, the tempered glass factory might replace qualified raw material to save screen guard raw material cost, or shorten the manufacturing time to save human labor cost and improve production capacity. All these behaviors would definitely result in bad quality and countless end users’ complaint. We could not never calculate how much loss on the damage of customer trust and irremovable bad influence on company image to a screen guard manufacturer because we would never try it.

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   Our guarantee 2

   Never plug any shoddy product into qualified part

   Customers’ customers are our customers. No matter it is new customer or old customer, we would delivery mobile screen tempered glass samples to customer before order placed, Only when customer confirm sample ok, the bulk order would firmly follow the sample standards. We would not do anything cheating to win small profit and leave any risk to our customers. The company only has the possibility to make profit only when we make sure our customers enjoy their profit.

( quality performance based on 2hrs, 3hrs, 4hrs tempering time, no difference on cosmetic)


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