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Innovation is the core competitiveness for every screen protector manufacturers.R&D ability is the source of innovation. Since the arrival of tempered glass screen protector, the development of screen protector raw material, manufacturing and finishing technology progress unceasingly. Only when Firstall Technology catches the market opportunity accurately, we could take the full responsibility of tempered glass screen protector supplier, continuously supporting our customers with great glass screen protector with excellent performance and amazing price . That’s why the company firmly believe we should value the development of R&D ability since its establishment.

Firstall Technology R&D team consists of 5 core professional engineers who are well-educated and experienced in tempered glass and screen protector industry. With 5 years studying and researching, the tempered glass manufacturer, has achieved remarkable accomplishment in terms of new products, new material and new technology.

1) In terms of latest phone protection technology, Firstall technology signed strategic corporation agreement with Chinese top universities, and we are together with our raw material suppliers & manufacturing machine vendors, continuously working on the research of optimized products and manufacturing process. Firstall Technology is always trying to present adorable new things to our customers as being a responsible tempered glass screen protector supplier.

2) In term of new material, we never stop our steps of pursing better products and quality. The R&D team has founded competed system to challenge different raw materials with our vendors via thousands of failures.

3) In term of tempered glass screen protector manufacturing process and production, the R&D team successfully improved 13.3% daily output volume by reducing defect rate and optimizing manufacturing process and SOP.

What our R&D team tying to do is make all our technician work standardized. We believe that this is the most valuable asset.

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