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The Lead Time delay due to the unexpected high defect rate on CNC cutting process November 18,2018.

Date: March, 2017

Country: Russia

Key Issue: Lead time delay 5 days due to the unexpected high defects in CNC cutting process


1. We communicated with customers immediately on the first manufacturing date when we notice the abnormal high defects which might influence the delivery and shipping.

2. Engineers had urgent meetings to detect the key root cause and do the verifications to resolve it.

3. According to the contract, we paid 0.3% per day penalty for the delay due to our own fault.

4. The factory appointed one engineer responsible for checking and recording the machine status daily and doing calibrations regularly.

Lesson we learnt from:

1. The factory should pay high attention on the periodical maintenance of manufacturing machines and testing equipment to avoid the possibility of any failure.

2. As the suppliers of tempered glass screen protector, we should keep our promise to any customer.

Case Review:

Customer R from America is Amazon B2C seller. We received his order on matte screen protector for IPhone 7. After the preparation of raw material, the production was stopped at the 2nd day due to high broken rate (up to 30%) on CNC cutting process. The engineers sat down and did analysis to find out the root cause, at the same time, we did re-evaluation on this order and it could be seen that 1) The lead time would be influenced. 2) We should purchase raw material immediately as supplement otherwise the material would not enough to manufacture the quantity we targeted.

The sale team emailed the customers the truth and kept them noted that the delivery might be delayed and we were doing all the efforts to resolve the tough situation. At the same time, R&D team found the root reason for high defect was the machines the next day. We resolved it immediately with the assistance and supports from the supplier.

The lead time was 5 days delayed and we paid penalty to our customers. By then, we have recognized we should not only know products, but also should know more about our manufacturing machines.

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