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Unfit size of tempered glass screen protector for OPPO R11 November 18,2018.

Date: Oct, 2017

Country: China

Issue: The unfit size which was revised by customers for unleased oppo R11

Solution: 1. Firstall stopped the manufacturing for remain orders immediately. 2. We agreed with customers to take back the goods and re-sell to other customers where the users are not sensitive to size. Customer J was agreed to cover the loss.


1)     The revise size of any mobile phone screen protectors should be taken through after we collect enough solid market data instead of deciding individually with no solid data supported.

2)     For any change on the product, if we are not sure if the market could accept it, it’s better for us to have trial orders to avoid the high risks of time and money.

Case Review:

Customer J has been working with us for over 3 years and we have achieved long and stable workshop through so many times corporation. They placed 20k orders for oppo R11 which would be released on 2nd Nov,2017. According to our manufacturing experience, we suggest to remain 0.02mm space from the screen edge to avoid the incompatible situation of phone case. Customer insisted to remove the 0.02mm space and make phone screen 100% covered. It was soon complaint by users that the phone would is not applicable with any phone case after installing the screen protectors.

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